Event Secret Service aims to establish and maintain a professional event operation support team, which will be uniformly engaged and shared by all Event Companies, Organizers, Co-ordinators, Accounts Managers and Leads in Singapore. With this, to also to create a diversified learning, stable entry channel for individuals, who wish to enter the local event industry, and for existing event companies to scout future talents for their companies in the process.



We are an Event Operation Support Team, looking to provide assistance and share the burdens of our clients by staffing their events with our event-experienced members, working with them to manage and support their event operations and relevant administrative work.



For any Clients, who want to focus on other core aspects of their event projects and do not want to divert their focus by having to handle additional repetitive cycle of work such as sourcing, training, managing, supervising and handling administrative paperwork of a makeshift group of part- timers/temp staffs. Or simply when they are short-handed and require support in any areas.



As it is costly to maintain a large team of in-house team of event personals, Event Organizers tend to hire ad-hoc part-timers or temp Staffs for their respective unique events. We are the next best alternative to maintain the standards of an in-house team, establishing a long term of familiar, consistent working relationship with each other, and yet equipped with the flexibility of an ad-hoc team.

When is the Event Secret Service required?

When Clients need to relieve themselves from the following 6 major issues!

Having to do recruitment for your event

Having to repetitively worry about the standards of the temp staffs

Having to do deployment and rostering

Having to do a lot of paperwork or handle individual trivial issues from ad-hoc temps

Having to manage and supervise manpower onsite all the time

Having to handle payroll and post-event manpower administration.

All you need to do, is to just follow these 3 simple steps and leave the rest to us!

Plan your event.

Send us event details, your plan and manpower requirements.

Discuss and settle on a quotation with us!


A wonderful experience working with some of our past clients