How do you engage Us? 

Just follow 3 simple steps!

  1. Plan you Event
  2. Provide us with your information, event details, manpower requirements & standards for your event below!
  3. Settle on a mutual agreed quotation & invoice with us.

Leave the rest to us!

Why should you engage Us?


Because with our service, you will no longer have to worry about:

  • Having to recruit for manpower.
  • Having to repeat basic standards training for manpower at events.
  • Having to do deployment and rostering.
  • Having to do a lot of paperwork or handle individual trivial manpower issues.
  • Having to manage and supervise manpower onsite.
  • Having to handle payroll issues after events.

Who are the Event Secret Service looking to support, help & work with?

Companies, Organizations or Individuals who are:

  • Having trouble looking for constant & quality event support manpower.
  • Experiencing shortage of manpower.
  • Experiencing overloading of tasks.
  • Having the need to focus on other areas or on their core competencies.
  • Having the need of extra help to manage their own group of temps.