For Clients 

15 frequently asked questions..

1. Are ESS members Bilingual?

Yes, all ESS members are bilingual and have great communication skills with our awesome personalities.

2. Can I select the ESS staff that I want?

That’s what ESS is here to do for you! We save your time and help to deploy the manpower needed according to their strength and weaknesses and schedule so you don’t have to lift a finger!text.

3. Where are ESS Members Sourced from?

ESS Members are no strangers to one another. Handpicked and carefully screened and selected, members are all recommended and referred to by members of ESS, or by aliens from planet 51.

4. What are your Rates?

Our Rates are usually $15/hr, however our ESS Home team will access and evaluate every single case and charge appropriately!

Drop us a call or email for a quotation!

5. What is the process/procedure in hiring ESS?

When engaging ESS, we have a 3 Stage process.

  1. Send us the event details for your event (for eg. Amount of manpower, time, date, venue etc)
  2. Wait for our people to send you a quotation for the event
  3. Sit down, shake your legs and have a coffee! As ESS handles everything else for you!

6. What is the standard attire for ESS members?

The standard attire for our ESS members are Full Black, which includes black collared long sleeve shirt with black pants and black covered shoes.

However, our attire can always be customised to fit your event appropriately.

7. Are there minimum requirements when hiring ESS?

The minimum hours to engage ESS is 4 hours, however if your event do require lesser hours, a different rate will be charged accordingly. Do contact us for further enquiries.

8. What are the meal arrangements?

Meal arrangements are usually arranged by clients. However, if in any circumstances where our client is unable to do so, we will charge a fee in accordance to our policy to arrange food for ESS team.

As long as our team does not starve to death.

9. What are the transportation arrangements?

For jobs that require ESS Team to reach before 7am and leave after 11pm, Clients are responsible for our Team’s transportation. Also, for inaccessible places eg. Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, transportation fee will be charged accordingly.

If our client are able to provide transportation, charges will be waived. We accept rockets too.

10. How long in advance do we have to book ESS?

There is never a time too early or too late. However, we do have last minute charges for jobs that are confirmed 3 days before hand. Better late than never! (:

11. What payment types do you accept?

ESS accepts different payment types like bank account transfers, cheque and even cash or candies too.

12. What is the Credit Term?

ESS has a 30 days Credit Term.

13. What is the procedure for payment made to ESS?

Upon receiving our final Invoice, payment can either be made by cheque, cash or bank transfer to ESS within the Credit Term.

14. Can we engage ESS for overseas event staffing?

Yes, we do provide manpower for overseas staffing, however it is based on a project to project basis. For further enquiries, do contact us.

15. What is the age group of ESS members?

ESS members are all between the ages 16 – 25.

For ESS Agents

16 frequently asked questions..

1. What exactly does the Event Secret Service do?

ESS is an Event Operation Support team, Aside from fun and laughter, we are also a place for you to make more friends and experience working in the event industry. In our flexible and friendly environment, we deploy our experienced and capable team to support our clients with their events in terms of manpower.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of us? If yes, click JOIN US NOW!

2. What are the process & procedures to be part of the Event Secret Service?

To be part of us, all you have to do is the following 3 steps!

Step 1: Press Join us!

Step 2: Complete the application and Attach your resume and/or CV. Alternatively, you may email your resume to

Step 3: Play Clash of Clans until you are contacted by our Team!

3. Are there any basic requirements to be part of the Event Secret Service?

You have to be a human being of at least 17 years of age in Singapore

Have the basic communication skills in English and Chinese (Gibberish is not acceptable)

You must possess at least a set of the standard attire worn for ESS’s assignments.

You have to be appropriately dressed and groomed at all times!

You have to be willing to give your 128% to everything you do

It is alright if you are not perfect, because no one is.

4. What is the standard attire of Event Secret Service?

Just like Secret Service Agents, our standard attire is Full Formal Black. Which includes a black, collared long sleeve shirt with black pants or black skirt (Knee level length) and black covered shoes.

You must possess a white, collared long sleeve shirt and a proper jeans as well. However, at times we would be asked to wear otherwise to fit the event appropriately.

5. What type of Events can I expect to work at?

ESS specialises in MICE Events, however we do also take on different projects ranging from Leisure Events to Sports Events to Roadshows and even Photo booths!

So you can expect any events that comes our way!

6. What is the standard attire for ESS members?

The standard attire for our ESS members are Full Black, which includes black collared long sleeve shirt with black pants and black covered shoes.

However, our attire can always be customised to fit your event appropriately.

7. What type of roles/job-scopes can I expect to undertake?

We always believed in trying a variety of different jobs so we can be flexible like rubber bands.

A few common jobs we usually take on are Registration, Ushering, Event Assistants, Ticketing, Mike Runners, Packers, Basic Logistics Support, Event Talents and Event Shepherds.

Basically, you have to be ready for anything that we throw to you!

8. Can I choose the type of events or roles that I undertake?

That will be the job of Event Secret Service as we roster and deploy you to the events.

If however you have an issue for instance, you are unable to take a role that requires you to stand because you lost a leg, we will take that as part of our consideration during the decision making process.

9. What are the different types of hiring or employment options under Event Secret Service?

In Event Secret Service, all our agents are arranged into 3 division with different work arrangements.

Division 1: The Management (Full-time)

Made up of full-time agents, division 1 dedicates themselves in selecting, training, deployment and direction of all the agents in ESS. They are also responsible for searching and securing new assignments for ESS as well as to maintain relations with our existing clients. They are required to operate for at least 20 days per month.

Division 2: The Core (Part-time)

Recognized in their exceptional abilities and commitments to ESS, division 2 is made up of agents working with a part-time arrangement with the Service. They assist division 1 in all daily operations of the Service in our HQ and are deployed onsite for assignments when activated. They are required to operate for at least 10 days per month in accordance to arrangements planned by ESS in accordance to assignments received.

Division 3: The Members (Freelance)

Division 3 makes up the base of the Service and is the largest division in the Service. Handpicked specifically for their experiences, potential or passion in the Events Industry by Division 1, agents from Division 3 operate in a freelance work arrangements with ESS. They are managed and maintained by both Division 1 & 2. Assignments will be notified to them and they will be deployed should they choose to accept.

Be the next Ethan Hunt now!

10. Am I able to take up other jobs outside of the Event Secret Service?

Division 1: The Management (Full-time)

Nope! Division 1 Agents are extremely committed and dedicated to the Service. Not to mention that the livelihood of all the agents depends on it!

Division 2: The Core (Part-time)

Yes! Division 2 Agents are allowed to take on external jobs as long as ESS’ work arrangements are prioritized over the external jobs! External jobs should not conflict and jeopardize jobs assigned to them by ESS. They are to report, should they have external jobs, which are subjected to sole approval and discretion by the Service. They should spread their commitments too thin as they are just as important as Division 1!

Division 3: The Members (Freelance)

Yes! Division 3 Agents are allowed to take on external jobs due to their freelance arrangement with ESS! However, they are not allowed to back out of event assignments, which they are being rostered and allocated, after they agree and commit to the assignments. There will be obligation, consequences and penalty if this rule is breached!

Morale of the story, be responsible for your own commitments!

11. How do I get booked to work at the events?

Division 1: The Management (Full-time)

Division 1 will be automatically be involved and rostered for any assignments!

Division 2: The Core (Part-time)

Division 2 will be automatically be involved and rostered for any assignments!

Division 3: The Members (Freelance)

Division 3 will be contacted and notified regarding any upcoming event assignments. They are able to express their interest, commitments or accept the assignment accordingly and a confirmation will be communicated.

Side Notice!

ESS tries our best to provide equal opportunities to all agents. However, for us to deliver better quality of service to our clients, priority will be given to agents who meet the clients’ requirements, agents who are able to commit more for any assignments and agents who response faster on a first come first serve basis!

12. How do I get paid?

For the Freelancers, our payment mode is via bank transfer that will reach you within a week after the job. So you don’t have to eat grass for the month.For the part-timers and full-timers, ESS will make payment to you via bank transfer too! In addition, you will enjoy CPF Contributions in accordance to MOM’s Regulation.

Think for your future.

13. Will I be paid for expenses incurred during work?

If you do incur any expenses related to your assigned task, we will reimburse the figure with a receipt.

No receipt, no money. No money, no honey.

14. Are Travel and Meals Expenses covered during work?

In Event Secret Service, we believe in never starving our people and never making them walk to inaccessible places.

Food will always be provided if your work hours falls during meal times and also, transportation will be covered if the work venue is inaccessible or if the timings are ridiculously weird.

15. What happens if I fail to turn up for work for any reasons?

Event Secret Service believes in responsibility. If you are unable to turn up, it is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement from ESS to replace you.

However, if you are unable to find a replacement after promising to work for the job, you will bear the responsibilities for paying our client an unreasonable amount.

Morale of the story, be responsible.

16. What happens if I am late for any reasons?

You don’t want to know what happens and don’t test your luck too.