Why join the Us?

ESS serves as a good learning and start-out platform if you are keen to explore and enter into a career in the Events Industry.

Members will get to work flexibly with like-minded team-mates, perform on-the-ground operations/tasks, and learn from each other, our clients, as well as events organized and managed by different professional event companies.

Learn from the best!
Join the ESS Family.

Who are the we looking for?

  • Individuals who are event-experienced or possess a positive mind-set and attitude.
  • Individuals who are keen to work for events on a project by project, freelance basis.
  • Individuals who are already working for different event-related jobs/roles on a freelance basis.
  • Individual who wish to work for events on a part-time basis!

Who are Event Secret Service recommended for?

Individuals who are looking to explore a career in the event industry, looking for flexible jobs, to earn additional income or in transition between commitments.


  • Individuals waiting for University,
  • National Service / Jobs,
  • having holidays
  • switching jobs etc.

How does the membership application work?

  1. Follow the instructions below and submit your particulars and resume!
  2. If you are short-listed, we will contact you for a meet-up and interview!
  3. If you are accepted, you will be officially an ESS member! You will be included in our network and receive event information details and requirements for event jobs from our clients.
  4. If you are suitable and match the requirements of any events, you will be engaged and deployed for the event!

Be part of an amazing family today!