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Call Centre

Call Centre & Hotline

Event Secret Service provides Event Support Nationwide. Our experienced team will provide a great success to your event. Having a diversified team, ESS is able to provide manpower for almost any support that your event requires. Our team is able to take on multiple roles and tasks to ensure smooth sailing for your event.

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Hotline Representatives

Our customer service representatives are attentive and organised. They will handle your customers’ inquiries with empathy and patience. As timeliness is critical, our team is swift in responding to inquiries and adept in addressing a customer's inquiry in a polite and positive tone.


Email Response Staff

Our customer service representatives are able to handle email response functions as part of our suite of customer service duties. They will handle email queries in a clear, concise and professional manner.


Data Entry Staff

Our detail-oriented staff will assist you with the administrative tasks assigned to them. They are organised and manage their time well, hence making sure that their duties are completed efficiently.


Operations and Manpower Managers

Organised and adaptable, our managers and supervisors will assist you with the overseeing of the event operations and managing of the event staff. They ensure that the expectations are clearly communicated to the rest of the staff, and that they carry out their duties professionally. Our managers and supervisors will ensure the success of your event.

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