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Management of Operations, Venues & Staffing

Event Secret Service provides Event Support Nationwide. Our experienced team will provide a great success to your event. Having a diversified team, ESS is able to provide staffing for almost any support that your event requires. Our team is able to take on multiple roles and tasks to ensure smooth sailing for your event.



Supervisors & Zone ICs

Organised and adaptable, our managers and supervisors will assist you with the overseeing of the event execution and managing of the event staff. They ensure that the expectations are clearly communicated to the rest of the staff, and that they carry out their duties professionally. Our managers and supervisors will ensure the success of your event.

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Front of House Managers

Our front of house manager looks after the operations and management of the auditorium and foyer areas that are open to the general public. Responsible and organised, our staff makes sure to communicate with the box office manager and stage manager. He or she takes charge of the ushers and ensures that their duties are carried out professionally and as a team, so that your guests feel welcomed and have an enjoyable time.


Registration Managers

Our registration managers will ensure a smooth execution of the on-site registration for your event. With a wide exposure to various events, we can employ best practices to cater to your specific needs, resulting in an efficient and hospitable registration service.


Stage Managers

Our stage managers handle key responsibilities in your stage production. These include handling rehearsals, coordinating stage movements and executing your production programme.


Operational Managers

Our experienced operational managers have a wide range of exposure, allowing them to execute a variety of operational duties, from registration, event flow ops and the like.

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