Our Services

Event Secret Service does a range of diversified events ranging from MICE Events to special events to sporting events. Specialising in MICE events, our handpicked team sets ourselves apart by going above and beyond our job. Our team is made up of different types of people from all walks of life. We believe that People are the key role in creating a memorable experience. Our trained professional team is always there to support your event in any way you customise to ensure a smoother and easier journey for you.

Event Operation Support

Event Secret Service provides Event Support Nationwide. Our experienced team will provide a great success to your event. Having a diversified team, ESS is able to provide manpower for almost any support that your event requires. Our team is able to take on multiple roles and tasks to ensure smooth sailing for your event.

Our Ushering team will ensure that the guests are always where they need to be at, actively operating queue management, monitoring guests numbers, handling crowd management, directing the guests to their designated area and always able to be a helping hand.

Start your event with an amazing impression given by our registration team. Our professional and reliable staff ensures that your guests have an amazing experience at the registration booth as we greet and provide them with details about the event. Our Registration team also ensures that the guests are well equipped to enter your event with a smile with their personality and professionalism.

Every Event is not perfect without letting the guests leave without goodie bags. Our Packers team will help our clients with the packaging of goodie bags before the event commences.

ESS Assistant Team helps you and your team to manage the miscellaneous jobs on-site alongside you and your team to assist you in any way you deem. Our team is diligent and independent to think on their feet to help assist you with any situation as it comes along.

Our ESS Team provides Mike Runners that are attentive and are observant, as they will always be on their feet literally running to anyone who has an enquiry, allowing your guests speakers and presenters to have a more interactive and engaging event.

Our Shepherd team guides your guests around the event ensuring that your guests are well equipped with knowledge and facts as they cruise around your event. Following your clients every step of the way, it is no wonder they are called shepherds.

Our well-mannered and professional service crew team provides a more enjoyable environment and an extraordinary experience for your guests and visitors to your event as they serve food and drinks to your guests to make sure that they always leave your event with a full stomach and a smile.

Ensuring safety and well-being for our performers, our talent minders will promote positive front-line guest service. Our Talent Minders team will oversee the talents during the event.

Our Trust-able Cashier team will be the ones handling the money matters during the event for instance, ticketing or merchandise purchases. They have to be good with numbers and making sure the queue is smooth sailing.

Our macho Team will be the ones supporting the logistics end in setting up or tearing down the event. Our logistic support team will ensure that the logistics of the event is set up perfectly.

Everyone always say no to flyer distributors, but our flyer distributor team will always try to make the experience a different one compared to others. Door-to-door or hand-outs, our team will always make sure that the message is being brought across to the specific audience.

Event Talents

Event Secret Service provides confident and great personality talents that covers any kind of event ranging from sporting events, corporate hospitality to award ceremonies. As they promote your products, or support your event in any way possible, spoil your guests and visitors with a big smile.

Aside from during event staff, our team also provides pre-event and post event support. Whether it is packers or set up crew, or post event crew, ESS will be able to cater to it. Our enthusiastic crew is always there to support your event in any way possible.

Event Secret Service also provides an individual personnel to ensure support and smooth sailing in every event, leading our team to success.

Our Stage Ushers will cordially invite the guest of honour or speakers and escort them to the stage as their take their absence after ensuring your guests’ safety.

ESS Brand Ambassadors help spread your message through their fun loving personality and enthusiasm. Our well-presented energetic team helps to boost your brand by creating hype and adding fun into communicating the brand to customers.

Event Specialized Support Role

Here are some of ESS's support role capabilities

Our Masters of Ceremonies will be there to enhance your event to be more engaging. They ensure smooth transitions for the event by providing a more professional, fun and engaging experience for your clients.

Our professional photographers will be there by you every step of the way, as they record every moment of the event. Capturing every important moment for the event provides a memory and experience your guests will never forget.

Having foreign guests to attend your event? Fret not! Our multi language translator team will ensure that your clients are able to engage and communicate well with everyone. Our translators will be attached to them all the time, allowing your clients to have a comfortable environment.

Event Manpower Management

Already have your own contacts? Your own group of people that you are familiar working with? However, you wish to have someone else to manage and handle these people and anything administrative about them?

Fret not! We are here to help! We will manage them just like how we manage our own team and ensure that they meet your requirements and standards! What’s better than best of both worlds now?