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About Us

Founded in 2013 and Incorporated as a company in 2015, ESS has been actively assisting our clients in solving their manpower and operation problem since. Event Secret Service is an Event Hospitality & Operations Support Company, which specializes in supporting Event Companies & other Clientele of similar nature, for their onsite operation execution, back-end administrative tasks & management of such areas.


Specializing in event support operations, especially in MICE Events, we deploy our team to staff our clients’ events, supporting and facilitating them in event management, event flow/operations, and solving their manpower problem in the process. The ESS Team is made up of experienced & capable young adults. Our team members are all individually referred to, carefully selected and handpicked over time.


By maintaining an experienced, capable and constant team, who are friends, and no strangers to one another, we hope to provide a higher quality, more efficient and effective team in order to better support the event industry and establish a constant and long-term working relationship with our Clients.


We pride ourselves in deploying our curated team, fulfilling staffing requirements & solving manpower issues, by ensuring that hospitality and operational roles are carried out with quality, consistency, adaptability, responsibility and integrity.


To equip all event organizations and their events with the highest level of human competency and processes.


  • To challenge the status quo and overcome inadequacies within staffing arrangements in the event industry.

  • To form a full time professional event hospitality & operations team, serving as the preferred staffing option in the event industry.

  • To establish an Event Academy, dedicated to educate and train future aspiring event professionals for the event industry.

  • To connect our event students with their future employers, through our network in the event industry.

Contact Us

UCommune Office
230 Victoria Street, Level 15,
Bugis Junction Towers
Singapore 188024

Event Secret Service believes that every event or operation deserves to be supported and delivered at its best.


Our immediate goal is to establish a First-Ever Professional Event Hospitality & Operations Support Service Platform, where Trained or Competent Individuals in these areas can offer their services to the Event Industry on a Full Time or Freelance basis.


By partnering with an increasing number of Event Companies, Freelance Managers and other Clientele, we hope to gain enough support and envision the creation of an eco-system within the Event Industry, in the form of a Tertiary Event School. Through this school, we aim to educate and train the next generation of distinct Event Professionals.


In turn, we will be able to improve the collective service standards, create a more uniform system and future talents can be educated, trained & groomed as such for the Event Industry.

Foo Tee Yien

Founder and Managing Director

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Our Service Values


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Foo Tee Yien

Founder and Managing Director

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Lim Xinyi
Account Manager


Ginnie Tan
Human Resource Manager

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Jocelyn Tay
Account Manager

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