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Theatre Front of House

Event Secret Service provides Event Support Nationwide. Our experienced team will provide a great success to your event. Having a diversified team, ESS is able to provide manpower for almost any support that your event requires. Our team is able to take on multiple roles and tasks to ensure smooth sailing for your event.




Upon arrival at the venue, our friendly and professional ushers will welcome your guests with a smile. They will ensure that the guests are able to locate their seats and navigate around the venue easily by providing clear directions and assistance. Our staff also help with crowd and access control. The usher team will ensure that the guests have a pleasant experience throughout the show.


Crowd Control Staff

Our helpful and proactive staff will make sure that there is a clear flow of guests in and around the venue. They assist in the management of queues and crowds, so that your event runs smoothly.

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Access Control Staff

Our attentive staff ensures and manages the access to a venue or at selective time intervals to authorised personnel through identification checks at the various access points.


Ticketing Staff

Our meticulous ticketing staff are cross-trained on a variety of ticketing platforms.They will ensure that ticket management, reservations, sales and transaction reports are well handled for your ticketing needs.

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Our stagehands will ensure a swift and seamless execution of stage movements for your events.


Stage Managers

Our stage managers handle key responsibilities in your stage production. These include handling rehearsals, coordinating stage movements and executing your production programme.

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