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*Usage of our Clientele Logos are soley for the purpose of showcasing the Clients who are working with or have worked with Event Secret Service, with the intention of having a better visual illustration. We do not represent our Clients and no attempt of misinterpretation is intended in the process.

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"The essential frontline event staff."

"Having been in events all these years, the hard work, planning and preparing means nothing if your frontline staff lets you down. It just takes one.  This team has a remarkable work ethic, training and mentoring a group of fresh young faces with determination, dedication and poise to deliver an exceptional experience every time. A premium that is essential to any successful event."

Christ Adrien, Event Director

"I've been working with Event Secret Service for more than 4 years and have always found the team to be professional and adaptable. Nothing is too much trouble and they can accommodate last minute changes well. The onsite team is always supported by a senior staff member to ensure the best standard of service. I wouldn't hesitate in using ESS for my next event."

Judi Godbold,

Director, Brand and Live Experiences

goBOLD Consulting Pte Ltd

"We have worked with Tee Yien and the ESS team for more than 3 years. Always impressed with the team's can-do spirit and speedy response. Event Secret Service is our go-to partner for our on-site resources arrangement."

"Event Secret Service is truly reliable and professional. They did a fantastic job! Their team is very responsive, efficient and focusing on delivering the best, to get the jobs done. I was very satisfied. Despite the stress and constant challenges on-site, their professionalism to keep cool and proactive is truly remarkable. Looking forward to collaborate with ESS again."

Wang Qifen,

Founder of SEVENTY2

"Thank you ESS for being consistently reliable and accommodating in supporting our events. It is also easy working with a team like ESS because of their familiarity with the respective roles required."

Felix Leonardus,

Creative Director of Dorier Asia

"I have worked with Teeyien for the last 5 years, and am very pleased with the quality of service, which he and his ESS Team provide.


Teeyien is dependable, responsive and sincere in helping us to find solution for manpower needs for our events. I would definitely recommend ESS to others and look forward to doing business with him for years to come."

Charine Chim,

Director of Bulb Events

May Lai,

Project Director of Csquare Creative

Angeline Chang,

Event Consultant of Bulb Events

"We've always loved working with ESS, they train the best people and their managers onsite make a huge difference in managing staff! The visitor experience we want to curate at our events is greatly supported by their professionalism and warm accommodating attitude."

Vish Sachin,

Account Director of Csquare Creative

"We have been working with Tee Yien and his ESS team from the time they established in 2015. With their support, we do not need to worry about finding and training part-time manpower to support our events. Over the years we have seen many excellent initiatives led by Tee Yien such as empowering his team to make their own decisions to improve the delegate experience. We fondly remember an awards ceremony where his team stepped up as floor managers to assist with coordination of the award recipients.We appreciate all the help and effort they have put in and we would definitely recommend working with ESS for your event manpower support needs."

Victor Lin,

Account Director of Csquare Creative

"Csquare has been working with ESS and Tee Yien since its inception. The quality of manpower provided has assisted our team tremendously to succeed in each event."

Joyce Lee,

Senior Business Development of Csquare Creative

"Tee Yien and the ESS team are simply amazing! They are professional and passionate individuals who takes pride in their work and never fails to keep up their ESS standards.


They take initiatives and go the extra mile without being asked. I applaud their maturity and professionalism and often looks forward to work with Tee Yien and his team."

Sufi Hassan,

Senior Events Executive of CWT Meetings & Events

”Working with Teeyien's team of professional operations support staff has given us peace of mind as event organizers that we have extensions of ourselves manning the registration, foyer, and other key roles that we as the project managers are unable to man ourselves. It has been a delight working with him, saving us the time to brief extensively as Teeyien and his team are aware of the high standards we would expect from them.“

Nina Gomez Sarmiento,

Head of Operations (EX-CWT)

"It was a breeze engaging ESS to assist with manpower requirement for my large scale events the past 3 years. Tee Yien, Ash & the ESS Team worked closely with me and my team from pre-event to onsite event to post event.


During pre-event, they would take time to meet with me to understand the event, do a site inspection if required, in order to effectively deploy suitable manpower for the roles and responsibilities for every onsite role required.


Onsite, they were very adaptable to change and know the manpower well enough to put the right person for the job when last minute request comes in. The manpower provided are also professional, well dressed and confident.


Post event, they work quickly on administrative matters like invoicing as well. Manpower is a big and important component of our events and ESS certainly takes the load off the main events team by managing this component effectively."

Chan Jiayi,

Senior Assistant Manager of Singapore Management University

(EX-CWT), (EX-My Private Chef)

"I've been working with Tee Yien and his team since 2018 and I must say it has been a real breeze!


The team is professional, responsible and helpful on site. I never had to worry about manpower when I work with Tee Yien.


I would definitely recommend ESS for your next event!"

"Tee Yien and the ESS team has demonstrated excellent competencies in executing their manpower duties for all of our client events."

Angela Zheng, Event Manager


Gerald Aw,

Director of Lumaxis

"Working with The Event Secret Service has been a great value add to our business. They are professional, adaptable and trustworthy, which is extremely important in the running of events. As an events partner, they give us the assurance that the attendee experience will be well taken care off, which puts our minds at ease. Definitely looking forward to a continued collaboration with them."

"ESS and Tee Yien in particular have provided us with a truly superb and reliable service when it comes to manpower requirements for our events. Engaging his services simply removes a huge headache we face each time we require temp staffing, we don't even think twice anymore. Punctuality, timeliness, eloquence and rock solid onsite management with contingencies to meet any of our last minute requirements, manpower is really a breeze now!"

Shane Graham Meyer,

Sales Manager of Micepad

Eric Brillet,

Managing Director of Ekko Systems

"Attitude and Reliability is what I look into when selecting teammates for events.


For the years I had worked with ESS, the team had shown that they are more than what I expected and they definitely have the ability to do more.

It's always great to work with a team that you can trust and you don't need to micromanage.


Thank you ESS for being part of our team, without your cooperation and dedication towards the work we couldn’t have pulled the work together!

Looking forward to our next event together!"

"Enjoyed working with the ESS team who is professional and well experienced. Very responsive to customer needs, efficient & reliable. Looking forward to continual support from the team"

Angela Tan,

Registration Manager

Juliana Tan,

Strategic Business Manager of Circles.Life

"I previously worked with the Events Secret Service team for Circles.Life roadshows. They helped to manage several aspects of the roadshows particularly with manpower, training, staff supervision and location sourcing. It was very beneficial to have the team be aligned with our goals and manage roadshows from end-to-end."

"Tee Yien and the ESS team have repeatedly provided professional and quality service for the various events we have hosted.


With his years of experience, it was very easy to communicate to Tee Yien our manpower needs and he is quick to provide solutions for potential problems we may face. The teams I have worked with display a level of maturity, meticulousness and professionalism that is admirable and have time and again gone the extra mile to ensure the successes of our projects without extra prompts.


I look forward to working with Tee Yien and his team in the future."

Kai Qi,

Marketing Manager of Circles.Life Australia

Rachel Oh,

Employee Experience Expert (Engagement)


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