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An Event Hospitality & Operations Support Company

Live | Virtual | Hybrid

Our Vision

To equip all event organizations and their events with the highest level of human competency and processes.

Our Mission

To challenge the status quo and overcome inadequacies within staffing arrangements in the event industry.

To form a full time professional event hospitality & operations team, serving as the preferred staffing option

in the event industry.

To establish an Event Academy, dedicated to educate and train future aspiring event professionals for the

event industry.

To connect our event students with their future employers, through our network in the event industry.

What is Event Secret Service?

Event Secret Service is an Event Hospitality and Operations Support Company focused on training and delivering professional event services, including the areas of professional staffing, manpower management, operations execution & hospitality services, for the event industry.

Why should you engage Event Secret Service?

We believe in challenging the status quo of existing manpower options in the event industry and delivering the highest possible quality of human resources, hospitality and operations standards.

Our comprehensive platform, substantiated with our extensive portfolio and valuable expertise, is every client’s one-stop solution to support a diverse range of events, with a superior calibre of service.

How Does Event Secret Service maintain our standard?

Our members undergo stringent selection and training, possessing positive values such as professionalism & experiences, in conjunction with our proprietary processes which are improved constantly to remain effective, efficient and meticulous.

Who should engage Event Secret Service?

Any Event Organizer, Agency, Professional or client who wishes to

  • Focus on their core competencies & client servicing.

  • Partner with a reliable supportive team.

  • Join our cause in improving the professional service standards of the event industry.

When should you engage Event Secret Service?

  • When you are looking for a long-term staffing & operations partner for your events.

  • When you need quality support for your event execution.

  • When you need to outsource your staffing, operational, hospitality or administrative functions.

  • When you need assistance in managing and supervising manpower.

  • When you need to consult or seek suggestions on operational or manpower planning.

Mega Scale Events

*The events shown on this website are wholly Organised and Planned by their respective companies.

*ESS is involved solely in the Operation, Execution and the Management of Manpower of the events.


Official Operations & Manpower Support

Other Official Roles:

*The events shown on this website are wholly Organised and Planned by their respective companies.

*ESS is involved solely in the Operation, Execution and the Management of Manpower of the events.

Official Roadshow Partner

Official Front of House

Official Front of House


Official Operations & Manpower Support


"The essential frontline event staff."

"Having been in events all these years, the hard work, planning and preparing means nothing if your frontline staff lets you down. It just takes one.  This team has a remarkable work ethic, training and mentoring a group of fresh young faces with determination, dedication and poise to deliver an exceptional experience every time. A premium that is essential to any successful event."

Christ Adrien, Event Director

*Usage of our Clientele Logos are soley for the purpose of showcasing the Clients who are working with or have worked with Event Secret Service, with the intention of having a better visual illustration. We do not represent our Clients and no attempt of misinterpretation is intended in the process.

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